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COAA PlanePlotter PC Software

COAA PlanePlotter

COAA PlanePlotter Introduction

COAA PlanePlotter is an advanced PC software application, which is intended for aviation enthusiasts, plane spotters, and professionals in the industry. COAA PlanePlotter, designed by the COAA (Company for Advanced Aviation), decodes, displays, and analyzes in real time positions of aircraft and their movements. Users like this intuitive front-end and rich features, making PlanePlotter one of the most sought tools in flight tracking and the understanding of aviation data. This article describes in detail the software, its features, order of installation, and system requirements.

COAA PlanePlotter PC Software
COAA PlanePlotter PC Software

COAA PlanePlotter Explanation

The versatile software supports the reception of various ADS-B, ACARS, and HFDL data formats, making it possible for users to have real-time information on aircraft position and flight paths. It can use a large bunch of hardware receivers to actually record the transmission of data given by various aircraft types and then plot the same on a map in a dynamic manner. PlanePlotter offers all the services to make an aviation enthusiast happy tracking commercial flight-tracking interest or a professional while analyzing flight data.


PlanePlotter is a software tool that is duly designed to offer the best forum for users’ aircraft tracking. It supports various sources of data and even goes ahead to represent this data in an interactive manner. Following this, the software can track airliners, whether commercial or on a private basis, easily accommodating even those that are military in nature—hence being a very useful and flexible application. The main features of PlanePlotter are:

Dynamic Map Display: In the charted representation form of aircraft positions.

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COAA PlanePlotter PC Software
Data Decoding: Supports multiple receivers because of compatibility with different formats of data.
Alert System: Customizable alerts regarding those desired for movements of aircraft or an event.
Networking features: Data can be shared with other PlanePlotter users practically anywhere in the world.

Software Features

Overview Real-time flight tracking is
The real strength of PlanePlotter is its ability to live track how aircraft are moving. It decodes transmissions from ADS-B, Mode-S, and ACARS and shows life details of the aircraft’s movement. Even more detailed flight information details like the flight numbers, the altitudes, the headings, or the speeds are viewable on an interactive map.

Multisource Data Integration
One of the most powerful features of PlanePlotter is that it can take data from many sources. These include data from

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast): A surveillance system in which aircraft automatically broadcast their position and other relevant information every– seconds.
Mode-S: a secondary radar system that provides much more detailed information regarding an aircraft.
ACARS stands for Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System. It is a digital interface between the aircraft and ground stations used for short-message air-to-ground communication.
HFDL: High-Frequency Data Link A long-range data communication system.
PlanePlotter marries the information from such sources to give an overall view of the landscape.

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COAA PlanePlotter PC Software

Dynamic Map View:
Dynamic map display is one of the most user-friendly features to be experienced by users of PlanePlotter. It gives the user a graphic representation of aircraft positions, updated in real time, and hence makes it easy to follow a given flight. Overlays may be added to the map for context, typically airways, waypoints, or controlled airspace boundaries.

Introduction to Networking:
Another very important feature of PlanePlotter is that it has strong networking functionalities. Decoded data can actually be shared with other PlanePlotter users around the world, increasing the chance for additional people to build up the network for the rest of the world to have a better coverage with higher accuracy.


Installation of PlanePlotter is quite simple. Do

Download the Software:

Download the installer for PlanePlotter from the site of COAA or an equitable software distribution site.

Run the Installer:

Find the file in the downloads folder and double-click on it. A new installation will commence.

Follow the installer wizard:

With the wizard, one can easily set up by just accepting the licensing agreement and then choosing the directory to install the software.

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COAA PlanePlotter PC Software

Make the Installation:

After installation is complete, start PlanePlotter from the start menu or by opening the desktop icon.

Set Up Program: On the first run, you will probably have to install the device if you have not already set up your PlanePlotter with receiver hardware, as shown by on-screen instructions.

System Requirements

Before you install PlanePlotter, ensure your PC meets the following system requirement:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or above

Memory: 2 GB (4 GB recommended) Free

hard disk space: 50 MB Display: 1024 x 768 resolution or higher

Internet Connection: Required for downloading updates and sharing data Receiver

Hardware: ADS-B, Mode-S, or ACARS receiver that is interoper

Download Link : HERE

Your File Password : MahnoorPC.Net
File Version & Size : | 7.24 MB
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Support OS : All Windows (64Bit)
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