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OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software

OpenRGB Windows 64

OpenRGB Windows 64 Introduction

OpenRGB Windows 64 is an all-inclusive and super-addable free, open-source lighting control software that the tech world can’t stop raving about. This means it gives users a solution for controlling RGB lighting on multiple hardware manufacturers. Developed with the user in mind who’s sick of juggling a bunch of different proprietary apps from various vendors to get most of their RGB devices working, OpenRGB helps give centralized and truly cross-platform RGB lighting management.

OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software
OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software

OpenRGB Windows 64 Description

The entire vision behind OpenRGB was addressing the growing need for a universal RGB lighting control system. Every piece of hardware being made comes with RGB lighting these days, and the fragmentation of control software has to have become a huge pain point. Typically, each hardware vendor provides its software, leading to clutter and an inefficient user interface.

OpenRGB also supports a list of devices with RGB functionality: from motherboards to RAM modules, graphics cards, coolers, keyboards, mice, and LED strips, all in one.

It is open-source by nature, so it is free of cost, and its source code is open to every other person to inspect, amend, or improve upon. Right off the bat, this form of transparency builds in the feeling of trust in the community—new features added at any time by contributors worldwide produce a rapid kind of development.


OpenRGB is a fully realized front end for controlling the RGB lighting in a full PC setup from one application. OpenRGB is also compatible with all of the devices from big companies such as ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Corsair, HyperX, and many others, across these platforms’ compatibility: software that makes it work in Windows, Linux, and macOS alike.

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OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software

One of the most significant features that sets OpenRGB apart is synchronizing the lighting effects between multiple devices and brands. That just means you can have a uniform, coherent, and synchronized theme of lighting across your rig, whatever the hardware manufacturer involved in it. Further, advanced options will permit the creation and application of complicated light patterns and effects.

Software Functions

Universal Compatibility: OpenRGB has tremendous support for RGB devices, amounting to a very high percent of devices being manufactured, ensuring that all RGB hardware in use is controlled in one application by the user.

Cross-Platform Support: It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS, considering the current trend and diversification of operating systems.

Device-to-Device Synchronization: Sync fine-tuned lighting effects between mouse, headset, and keyboard through LightSYNC.
Advanced Customization: Advanced customization for creating and applying custom lighting patterns and effects with a user-friendly interface that serves beginners and advanced users.

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OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software

Open Source Community: Participates effectively in continuing development and improvement through an active contributor community.

Plugin Support : Do more in the OpenRGB software suite with supported plugins to add new functionalities and improve the user experience.

Profile Management: The save and load of different lighting profiles allows you to switch different favorite lighting setups easily.
Light Scripting: At light scripting, automated experience on your lighting to highly intricate and animated scenes.

How to Set Up

The process of installing OpenRGB within a 64-bit machine is quite straightforward when running Windows. The steps to get started should look like this:

Download: Go to the official OpenRGB website or the GitHub repository and download its latest version for Windows 64-bit.

Extract: Once downloaded, unzip the ZIP file to any folder of your choice on your PC.
Run Installer: Now simply open the extracted folder and Run OpenRGB.exe; the installer will open.

Installation: The typical process is completed by following directions on the screen. It generally will include consenting to the license of the software and selecting an installation directory.

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OpenRGB Windows 64 PC Software

Quickly use OpenRGB from the Start Menu or through a desktop shortcut.

Set up: On its first run, OpenRGB search for RGB devices compatible with your PC. Go ahead and configure your attached devices to take the first steps to complete custom RGB light control.

System Requirements

Prior to doing the installation of OpenRGB, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 SP2 (64-bit) or newer.

Processor: Any Intel or multi-core processor by AMD, which runs between 1.5 GHz and higher.

Memory: Minimum of 4 GB RAM.

Storage Space: There should be at least 200 MB free disk space for installation.

Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics card.

USB Ports: USB ports are necess ary to connect with RGB devices.

Download Link : HERE

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