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Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software

Xlight FTP Server Pro

Xlight FTP Server Pro Introduction

Xlight FTP Server Pro The FTP or File, Transfer Protocol server is a must and one that finds a place in all the devices of network administrators or file managers. It enables massive and swift moving of files among computers through a network with tons of efficiency and security. Xlight FTP Server Pro is among several of their kind, becoming that solution tool characterized by valuable features and a very comfortable interface. This article describes Xlight FTP Server Pro in detail, covering an overview from installation information and system requirements to all existing options and features.

Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software
Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software

Xlight FTP Server Pro Description

Xlight FTP Server Pro is a reliable and high-performance FTP server software for Windows. The application is lightweight, making it useful for both personal and business contexts. It has been published under Xlight Software, a company known for continually providing the best and most reliable FTP server solutions to their customers.
Xlight FTP Server Pro is designed for the most straightforward personal file transfer up to the needs of large-sized organizations with secure and scalable FTP solutions.


Xlight FTP Server Pro allows activating a great set of features for total maximumftp benefit. The software supports IPv4 and IPv6 in its operation, which guards against any possible mismatch within the current generation network environment. It also features a very intuitive and comfortable-to-use GUI that dramatically simplifies the overall process of configuration and server management. Another significant advantage represented by the solution lies in the robust security features it has: SSL/TLS encryption, IP access control, and user authentication mechanisms provide a guarantee of data transfer that is secure and reliable.

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Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software
Performance needs to be in the list of the significant strengths of the Xlight FTP Server Pro, therefore optimized for large volumes of transfer of big files. It could well be deployed in environments that expect very impressive data pass-through. The best part is that it supports multiple concurrent connections, which would facilitate many users who get in touch with the server at once without bristling at performance.

Characteristics of Software

1, Human-Friendly
Xlight FTP Server Pro features an intuitive and user-friendly GUI that greatly simplifies configuration and management. The server can be easily configured for only a few minutes, user accounts easily maintained, and server activity monitored through the GUI.

2. Advanced Security Features
Security is an essential point for each FTP server. Xlight FTP Server Pro meets this by incorporating a whole array of security features.

SSL/TLS encryption: This transforms the data transfer connection into a more secure channel, safeguarding sensitive information from access by unauthorized persons.
IP Access Control: Server access control on IP-specific criteria that could be set by an administrator.
Supports a variety of methods of authentication, like Windows Active Directory and LDAP, hence allowing flexible and secure management of users.

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Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software
3. High Performance
It’s also designed to be highly per-formant and can handle the massive volume of file transfers effortlessly. To seal this argument, Xlight has multi-threaded file transfers. The net result is a better, more efficient opening of system resources and shorter transfer times.

4. Full Logging and Reporting
I have already stated clearly that it is equipped with extensive logging and reporting features, powerful enough for administrators to take note of the recorded server activity. Administrators can track everything users do on the server and produce multiple reports for analysis and audit purposes.

5.Protocols Support for Multiple
Xlight FTP Server Pro, for its part, supports not only standard methods of managing file transfer via FTP but also the commonly used system of transferring files using FTP over SSL/TLS and all kinds of client applications.

How To Install

Installing Xlight FTP Server Pro is very straightforward. Here is how to configure the server on a locally hosted Windows machine:

Download the installer:

Go to the Xlight Software website and download the installer for Xlight FTP Server Pro
Initiate the Installer:

Open the installer that you have downloaded.
Accept the License Agreement:

Read the License Agreement, and if you agree to the terms, mark the checkbox to proceed with the installation.

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Xlight FTP Server Pro PC Software
Choose installation directory:

Select Installation Folder This page allows you to choose a folder to install Xlight FTP Server Pro. By default, it suggests a folder that most users will find convenient.
Make it Human:

Just follow the wizard on your screen to complete the installation process. Once it gets installed correctly, you can start the server either from the Start menu or from the desktop shortcut.

Initial Configuration:

You will be taken through the initial setup of the server with the first start: the settings of the basic configuration, IP address, port number, and default user accounts. Using the wizard, follow these guidelines.

System Requirements

System specification requirements for Xlight FTP Server Pro to ensure there will be no problems during operation:

However, they meet OS: 32-bit, 64-bit – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Processor: 1 GHz Intel or AMD processor

Memory: 512 MB

Hard Disk: 50 MB free disk space

Networking: Card Ethernet Network Interface

Recommended Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 ( Processor: 2 GHz multi-core Intel or AMD processor

RAM: 2GB or more

Hard Disk: 100MB or more of free disk space in system

Network: Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card FINISHED

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