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Logi Options v1.0 PC Software

Logi Options v1.0

Logi Options v1.0 Introduction

An example is the ‘Logi Options v1.0‘; powerful and flexible, not to say with the backing of Logitech to set up the already brilliant work from their mice, keyboards, and so on. With this software, setting and making shortcuts will be easy and highly effective, boosting workflow. Below is a detailed description of version 1.0 of the Logi Options software, its features, installation process, system requirements, etc.

Logi Options v1.0 PC Software
Logi Options v1.0 PC Software

Logi Options v1.0 Description

Logi Options v1.0 is the software developed to function in most Logitech devices and creates an easy, intuitive interface for configuring and customizing peripheral devices for the user’s needs. This software gives all the flexibility and functionality to all people who want to do instant shortcuts for greater productivity, whether a gamer or a professional.


Logi Options v1.0 is the program that gives you the ability to operate seamlessly and adapt all Logitech devices to your own needs and work style. This software will help him harness the most effective use of his Logitech peripherals. It supports a wide range of devices: mice, keyboards, and touchpads across the leading operating systems, which include Windows and macOS.

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Logi Options v1.0 PC Software
This makes the software so user-friendly that it can be used by someone with the worst technical inclination to use the user interface and move to its features. Logi Options v1.0 avails as much room for personalization as button-remapping, gesture control, application-specific settings, and very many other features to add to your mouse. These features have been designed to enhance easy usability for most daily operations.

Characteristics of Software

1. Buttons Customization
The most outstanding aspect of the Logi Options v1.0 is that all buttons on an available Logitech device are user-programmable to execute diverse functions. It becomes personal, and work is executed most efficiently. For example, a button can be set to do an action in an application, like a new browser tab, or to undertake a copy-paste text.

2. Gesture-based Controls
The v1.0 of Logi Options now ushers in gesture controls for any activity that can now be done with simple gestures. For members who are conversant with the use of touchpads and mice and need things done for them in some way or another, it is pretty sharp. Those simple gestures may even be directed to make certain functions happen, like switching from one application to the next, zooming in/zooming out, or, say, scanning through documents smoothly.

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Logi Options v1.0 PC Software

3. Application
This feature helps users make application-specific software settings and behave differently based on the application one is in. This happens to be a great help, in particular for those people who are professionals and work with several applications that serve dissimilar purposes.

4.Point and Click
With the settings available under Advanced Point and Scroll in the Logi Options v1.0 feature, the user can set the cursor’s speed and behavior mathematically with granularity so that it can implement scrolling. It makes for a smooth and interactive user, hence great productivity and comfort.

How to Download

Downloading Software: Step1
First, download Logi Options v1.0. Visit the Logitech website and navigate to the Logi Options download page. Download the appropriate compatible version for Windows or MacOS.

Step 2: Run the Installer
Once the file has been downloaded, locate it (usually in the Downloads folder) and double-click on it. Go ahead and run this file following the steps that will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Plug in any Logitech device.
When installed, the software should automatically connect to your Logitech device.

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Logi Options v1.0 PC Software

Step 4: Customizing
Set your device for the first time with Logi Options v1.0 configurations and explore its features.

System Requirements

Windows OS: Windows 10 or later

Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent

Memory: 4 GB or

Hard Disk Space: 150MB available space

Connectivity: USB or Bluetooth

MacOS Operating System: macOS 10.15 (C

Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent Available

RAM: 4 GB or more

Hard drive space: 150 MB

Connectivity: USB or Bluetooth

Download Link : HERE

Your File Password : MahnoorPC.Net
File Version & Size : 1.0 | 21.13 MB
File type : compressed/Zip & RAR (Use 7zip or WINRAR to unzip File)
Support OS : All Windows (64Bit)
Virus Status : 100% Safe Scanned By Avast Antivirus

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