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O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 PC Software

O&O SafeErase Professional - Server 19.2.1033

O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 Introduction

O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 In an era of data breaches and cyber threats, it is very important to assurance that sensitive information is securely deleted from digital devices. O&O SafeErase Professional/Server 19.2.1033 is a high-end software solution genuinely developed to erase files in a manner that is beyond recovery by any means. Let’s dive into the article, which narrates the features, installation process, and system requirements of this must-have tool for data protection.

O&O SafeErase Professional - Server 19.2.1033 PC Software
O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 PC Software

O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 Description

O&O SafeErase Professional is a full-fledged data-wiping software evolved for both personal and professional sectors. Developed by O&O Software GmbH, one of the best companies in data security, its software ensures a foolproof way of eliminating files, folders, and even partitions and complete hard drives. The latest version, Server 19.2.1033, is filled with added features and improvements that will be appreciated by both businesses and individuals who are concerned about the safety of their data against unauthorized use.


In simple terms, O&O SafeErase Professional primarily ensures complete data removal without the possibility of recovery. The standard way of deleting a file with the recycle bin or a hard disk format only marks space for a new file; it does not remove data. This way, specialized software can still retrieve the supposedly deleted information. O&O SafeErase can fill this gap with overwrite technology and multiple overwrites to make the data permanently destroyed.

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O&O SafeErase Professional - Server 19.2.1033 PC Software

O&O SafeErase software is handy for companies with any kind of information—financial records, personal data, confidential business documents, etc. Organizations using O&O SafeErase attain compliance with the existing data protection regulations and standards, including GDPR, to ensure that personal data is completely erased from the system once it is no longer needed.

Software Features

O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 is feature-packed with a significant number of them to ensure security and make it friendly to the user.

Multiple Erase Methods: Software with many erase methods of data over the pass on disk—quick deletions to the complex methods like the Gutmann way, which requires 35 passes.

Detailed Reports: After each removal process, O&O SafeErase produces detailed reports on the deletion process, which can be used for audit trails and compliance verification.

Windows Explorer integration: O&O SafeErase integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing users to quickly delete files directly from the context menu without opening the core application.

Wipe Internet Traces: The program will securely erase the browsing history, cookies, and temporary internet files—internet privacy at its best. Securely erase an entire hard disk or partition to prepare for selling or recycling.

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O&O SafeErase Professional - Server 19.2.1033 PC Software

Automation: Users can schedule various erasure tasks to run at specific times to ensure data. Overwriting is done consistently and on time.
User-friendly Interface: The simple user interface ensures that even the most minor. Experienced users can securely delete their data without much technical skill.

Support for Multiple Storage Devices: O&O SafeErase supports a wide range of storage devices, from SSDs and HDDs to USB drives and memory cards.

Installing Instructions

Installation of O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 is straightforward. Here’s what needs to be done so that the installation goes as straightforward as possible

Download the Installer: Download the latest SafeErase Professional application from the official O&O Software website.

Run Installation: Locate the downloaded file, double-click it, and run the installation.

Accept License Agreement: Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) and check the ‘I Accept’ box.
Select Installation Settings: Specifies the installation location of the application, optionally placing an icon on the target computer’s desktop.

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O&O SafeErase Professional - Server 19.2.1033 PC Software

Install Software: Click ‘Install’ to continue with the installation. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Installation Complete: Now that the installation has been completed, click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer. You can now launch O&O SafeErase from the Start menu or use the desktop icon shortcut.

Activate the Software: On the first launch of the software. It prompts you to enter the license key to activate the full version of the software. Enter the Key given to you when you purchase and click on ‘Activate.’

System Requirements

The specifications below should be the minimum requirements that your system satisfies before the O&O SafeErase Professional – Server 19.2.1033 is installed and run for the best performance:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 ( Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

RAM: 2 GB or more

Hard Disk Space: 50 MB free space for installation

Internet connection: required for activation and updates

Additional requirements: Administrator rights are required for installation and for some deletion methods.

Download Link : HERE

Your File Password : MahnoorPC.Net
File Version & Size : 19.2.1033 | 89.92 MB
File type : compressed/Zip & RAR (Use 7zip or WINRAR to unzip File)
Support OS : All Windows (64Bit)
Virus Status : 100% Safe Scanned By Avast Antivirus

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