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Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 Introductory

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 is quite a big concern, especially in the current digital world, and it mandates parents and guardians to keep children as safe as possible while operating online. The enormity of opportunities yielded from the internet yet still poses risks. Thus there is a need for monitoring and management of children’s activities. Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 stands out among the cream of parental control tools, offering proper protection for the web experiences of kids. This article describes the introduction, description, features, installation process, and system requirements of Qustodio 192.1.3605.0.

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software
Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 Description

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 is a powerful parental control software designed for monitoring and controlling children’s activity over the Internet on their various devices. Herein are provided several tools by which parents can reliably be confident about the safety of their children with digital technology: setting limits, filtering inappropriate content, and understanding behavior while online. With a simple and easily navigable interface housing several features, Qustodio has become a must-have tool in the new-age parenting of today.


Qustodio was built to make the Internet a safer space for children. It gives insight to parents on the online activity of their child, and it helps them be proactive in taking care of their kids from prospective online threats. This 192.1.3605.0 version of Qustodio is packed with several improvements and new features that will enhance its performance and reliability.

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Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software

With the capability to support many devices, including Windows PCs, this version ensures continued flexibility for parents to control and monitor internet use across many platforms. The cloud-based Qustodio provides syncing of all devices, real-time updates, as well reports from wherever in the world.

Software Features

Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 is packed with essential features that help to ensure careful management for parents over their children online

Web Filtering: Qustodio offers smart, real-time web filtering to stop inappropriate content from every browser. It can be used to personalize filters according to age and content categories by the parents.
Time Management: It enables a parent to schedule each connected device with the amount of time it can be used each day. This prevents children from accessing the internet when they should generally be sleeping or having family time.

Monitor Activity: Qustodio provides complete reports regarding online activity, such as website visits, search queries, and apps. Such information will allow parents to understand their children’s online behavior and pinpoint any pitfalls.

Social Media Monitoring: It is an application that monitors activities on social media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The alerts of any suspicious interaction or post are sent to parents.

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Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software

App Control: Parents can control and limit the use of specific applications, thus keeping their children from unwanted or denied apps.
Location Tracking: Qustodio offers location tracking, allowing a parent to monitor where the child is in real time and to have peace of mind regarding the location of a child even outside the home.

Notifications and Alerts: Parents will receive real-time alerts for suspicious activity, from an attempt to access blocked web content to strange social media interactions.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supported across different devices and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS to enable complete protection on the family’s entire device repertoire.

How to Install Qustodio 192.1.3605.0

Installing Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 on your PC is pretty straightforward. Here’s how:

Download Qustodio: Open the Qustodio website and download the latest version of this software. Make sure to select the one compatible with your version of Windows.

Account Opening: First, one must open a Qustodio account if someone does not have one. This account is used to manage and control your devices.

Install: Locate the downloaded file and run the installer. Follow screen instructions to complete installation.

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Qustodio 192.1.3605.0 PC Software

Configure Software: Installation is now complete; you can launch Qustodio and log in using your account password; you are prompted to configure software settings regarding your child.

Settings Setup: Set up the settings as you like. This includes web filters, time limits, and parental controls.

Install on other devices: Here, you will perform this process on the different devices, so you need to repeat the installation and link them with your Qustodio account.

System Requirements

Before you install Qustodio 192.1.3605.0, your system must meet at least the following minimum:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or

Processor: 1 GHz or faster

Random-access memory : 2 GB or

Hard Disk Space: Not less than 1 GB

Internet Connection: Required for installation, updates, and monitoring

Download Link : HERE

Your File Password : MahnoorPC.Net
File Version & Size : 192.1.3605.0 | 4.26 MB
File type : compressed/Zip & RAR (Use 7zip or WINRAR to unzip File)
Support OS : All Windows (64Bit)
Virus Status : 100% Safe Scanned By Avast Antivirus

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