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RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro Introduction

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro In the manufacturing and construction world, infinite things are going on. There are always companies looking for some tools and software solutions that can ease up the workflow—something that can enhance the process, reduce waste, and help in producing more. Pre Cut Optimizer Pro by RIGOTECH is software used to interface any cutting industry based on a metal, wood, or glass material. This powerful PC software is designed to provide optimum pre-cutting plans and make the most of material usage for time and cost saving without waste.

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software
RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro Description

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro is the latest software, which is really essential in aiding the optimization of the various cutting layouts on different materials. The most crucial part is that it incorporates advanced algorithms in the calculation of the best way through which the materials can be cut to minimize wastage and maximize resource utilization. There will be no such furniture manufacturing, metal structure fabrication, or any other manufacturing processes that will not benefit from using software like this one.

The software boasts an intuitive user interface, is pretty easy to use, and allows the user to input dimensions, material types, and any other relevant data. The Pre-Cut Optimizer then processes this information to arrive at cutting plans to provide maximum efficiency. This means achieving maximum material utilization, both economically and sustainably, within your operations.


What sets RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro apart in the market is the robust features it presents and how much efficiency it can increase in the cutting process. It is configured to remain pliable for use in several industries, making it a versatile tool for use within businesses dealing with types of materials.

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RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software
The software carries out the primary function—the generation of details of cutting plans—to carry out optimization in the cutting process of various materials. The cutting plan devised comprises the materials, size, and shapes, the cutting tools required, and the project details. Finally, it issues instructions that ensure the least wastage is made and that the correct use of the materials is calculated.

It further gives reports and analytics, enabling one to follow the efficiency of the cutting operations mounted. The data realized can be applied to refine the process to continue promoting productivity.

Software Features

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro is power-packed with features, all of which make it a powerful tool for any business involved in material cutting. Some of its other highlighted features are:
Advanced optimization algorithms: these are complex algorithms used by the software in supporting a client to work out the most economical cutting patterns with reduced scrap and maximum utilization of material.

Easy Data Input Interface: You can input data through an intuitive interface and create cutting plans most quickly and accurately.

Material Database: Users can store lists of materials utilized and their references, dimension references, cost, and relevant data.

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RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software

Customizable settings: It allows users to adjust settings for their needs regarding cutting tool preferences, material types, and requirements for the project.

Reporting in Detail: Generate detailed reports providing insight into material usage trends, savings realized, and overall efficiencies.

Integration Capabilities: The software is integrated with other software systems and tools used in the manufacturing process, further enhancing its utility and versatility.
It supports multiple formats; users can import and export in numerous formats; this makes very quickly share information and enables collaboration with other team members or shareholders.

How to Install

RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro Installation is extremely simple. To start installing follow the following:
Download Installer: Download the Pre Cut Optimizer Pro installer from the RIGOTECH website or your software provider’s website.

Run the Installer: Double-click the earlier downloaded installer file. If requested, you may need to have administrative access to continue.

Follow Installation Prompts: An installation wizard should follow you lightly through the process. Just agree to their license agreement, choose your installation location, and select any other options if needed.

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RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro PC Software
Complete Installation: This screen will be shown when the installation process is complete. You can now click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer.

Run the Software: Application Shortcut on the Desktop or Using the Start Menu Double Click to Open and Startup RIGOTECH Pre Cut Optimizer Pro

Initial Configuration: At the first launching, one may have to provide some initial configuration like preferred languages and default units of measurement.

System Requirements

The following system requirements have to be met before installing it so that the installation is at its best performance.

Operating System: Windows 10 or later

CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent

Memory: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended for large projects)

Hard Drive: 500 MB of available disk space for installation

Minimum Display: 1024×768 or higher

Graphics: DirectX 10-compatible graphics card Internet Connection Required for software activation and updates.

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