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Office Timeline Introduction

Office Timeline is a user-friendly and robust timeline-making software for creating professional, visually attractive project timelines, Gantt charts, and schedules. This, as a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in, reduces what used to be a complicated process of making timelines into a process that even project managers, marketers, IT professionals, and business users can successfully undertake. This version of the software is endowed with various new features and improved output, matching the requisite needs of modern businesses for clearly visualizing projects.

Office Timeline PC Software
Office Timeline PC Software

Office Timeline Description

Office Timeline seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, transforming it into a powerful tool for creating timelines and project plans. The software is designed to help users convey complex project data in a simple and visually appealing format. It supports a wide range of timelines, from simple chronological timelines to intricate Gantt charts, making it a versatile tool for various project management needs.
That version has new features and optimizations to enhance the experience and productivity of the users.


Office Timeline builds on its predecessors with enhancements and new functionalities. As such, it software, the primary goal of the software is to empower users by helping them generate professional timelines and Gantt charts quickly. The interface of the software has been designed in such a manner that a beginner will be able to create a timeline by following the steps right from selecting a template to using it by customizing details concerning a project. The software permits importing data from famous project management tools, such as MS Project and Excel, into a template already set, ensuring that seamless data integrations create accurate timelines.

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Office Timeline PC Software

Software Features

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with an intuitive user interface, the software is easy to use, thus supporting building the timeline even for inexperienced users.

Pre-designed Templates: Select among our professionally designed templates to kick-start your work, then just tweak your timeline to touch on any details it needs to meet.

Import Data: The feature allows the user to import data from Excel, Microsoft Project, or a range of other project management tools to make sure that the project timelines are consistent and accurate.
Wide Range of Styles and Formats: Users can choose the style and format of a timeline that best represents the data from Gantt charts, swimlane diagrams, and standard timelines in their project.

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Office Timeline PC Software

PowerPoint Integration: It should be fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint for creating timelines within the friendly environment of PowerPoint. Making it easy to communicate a timeline as part of a typical presentation.
Advanced Customization: Users can change the timeline background, color, font, diameter, and line type depending on dates, milestones, tasks, brand, or project requirements.

Automatic Updates: All the timelines are automatically updated with any change that occurs in the underlying data, so the project visuals will always stay up-to-date without the need for manual updating.

Collaboration: With Office Timeline, you can collaborate in real-time with multiple users on a timeline and share updates easily.

How to Install

The process of Installation of Office Timeline is a very simple one. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth installation:

Download the Installer: Visit the Office Timeline website and download the installer for version

Launch the installer: Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it.

Accept License Agreement: Please read the agreement and click ‘Accept’ to continue.

Choose the installation option : Select the target folder and other additional components you want installed.

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Office Timeline PC Software

Install: Click on this for installation. The installer will copy the required files onto your computer and configure the software.

The setup may take a couple of minutes, and at the end, you might be prompted to restart your computer. Once that is done, Office Timeline will have been installed within Microsoft PowerPoint as an add-in.

System Requirements

Your system should meet the following requirements.

Operating system: Windows 10 or later. The software is further optimized for all new Windows environments for high performance and security.

Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2016 and newer, with Office 365 versions. The integration depends on the abilities and features of recent PowerPoint versions.

Processor: Dual-core or better, sufficient to handle the graphic demands of timeline creation.

Memory (RAM): The Minimum requirement is 4 GB. But it is advisable to have 8 GB or more to work on large, more complex projects.

Hard Disk Space: Some 500 MB of hard disk space is required for installation. And some more is needed for project files.

Presentation : A resolution of 1024X768 or higher is required to ensure that your timelines and Gantt charts can be clearly and crisply viewed in great detail.

Internet Access: An Internet connection is necessary for downloading the installer and software updates and to get support online and resources.

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