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Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software

Universal Media Server 13.10.1

Universal Media Server 13.10.1: The Ultimate How-to

Universal Media Server 13.10.1 is a potent, multipurpose, and easy-to-use media server intended for streaming and transcoding different media formats into many devices. A new version, 13.10.1 has been released with numerous improvements and new features, so it is the best option for users wishing to have a splendid experience in media streaming. This article takes an insight into UMS 13.10.1, starting with an introduction, description, overview, key features, installation process, and system requirements.

Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software
Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software

Universal Media Server 13.10.1 Introduction

Media servers should be among the good things in demand during this era of digital entertainment. Universal Media Server has proved to be a strong contender in that genre because it offers a solid base to stream media from within other devices. UMS is an open-source, cross-platform media server supporting different formats and devices, whereby it can be applied to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. Version 13.10.1 has been built on top of its predecessors and brings about enhancements related to usability, performance, and compatibility.


Universal Media Server was initially developed as a fork of the PS3 Media Server, to add more device support and functionality while remaining stable. Written in Java, it is made to ensure that it is cross-platform and intended to run under Windows, macOS, and Linux. UMS uses robust tools like FFmpeg, MEncoder, and VLC to transcode media files in real-time, so one can easily watch or listen on any device type without any issues.

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Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software


This has been the same trend passed from the previous versions up to UMS 13.10.1, where it aims to provide users with a media server application that is more responsive to the various needs of different users. High-definition movies, music, or photographs—whatever you are streaming—UMS ensures that every media item is sustained with the highest quality. The software provides a web interface, allowing ease in managing the operations of your media library and in setting up the configurations of the server. UMS also supports various media formats and codecs, so practically any device can be compatible.

Key Upgrades in UMS 13.10
Performance Improvement: Transcoding engine optimizations make the playback smoother and can even reduce buffering times.
Better User Interface: It has a new web interface with superior user-friendliness that eases the ability to navigate, hence giving you the potential to take command of your media library.Increased Device Support: UMS 13.10.1 supports newer devices and improves compatibility with existing devices.
Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements: With many bug fixes and stability improvements, UMS is the most reliable it has ever been.

Software Functionality

Universal Media Server comes feature-richly packed to offer an ultimate multimedia streaming experience. UMS 13.10.1 brings some of the leading features:

1. Wide Format Support
UMS supports a significant number of media formats, including such popular formats as MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, and FLAC. This ensures that whatever file is being tried and access by the user can be streamed without compatibility issues.

2. Real-Time Trans
The software utilizes on-the-fly transcoding, working with powerful tools like FFmpeg, MEncoder, and VLC to convert media files. It can transcode the file even in real-time to make it play smoothly if the device does not natively support a format.

3. Web Interface
UMS has a web interface that lets you manage the media library, change settings, and see activities on the server straight from your web browser. This feature is convenient for remotely controlling your media server.

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Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software

4. Compatible with DLNA and UPnP
Because UMS is entirely DLNA- and UPnP-compatible, it will work appropriately with all modern devices: smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. This will guarantee smooth integration into the configuration of your in-home entertainment system.

5. Subtitle Support
It supports several subtitle formats, thus letting viewers watch media in the language they feel comfortable in. Users can, therefore, change the size, coloration, and position of the font of the subtitles.

6. Settings Are Fully
UMS is highly customizable, from the transcoding settings to network configurations. Advanced users can fine-tune the server for optimal performance.

7. Support for Plugins
UMS supports plugins to extend its functionality. In this manner, additional features are supported into the server for things like web streaming and media library organization based on users’ preferences.

How to Install Universal Media Server 13.10.1

UMS 13.10.1 Installation is done with relative ease. The following are procedures to be followed:

Step 1: Download the Installer
Go to the Universal Media Server website and download the installer for your specific operating system.

Step 2: Run the Installer
When downloaded, run the installer that you have just downloaded and follow the steps now shown on your screen to get UMS installed on your computer.

Step 3: Open UMS
Once the installation is done, launch UMS. The first time you run the software, you’ll be walked through an initial configuration process in which you configure your media library and various network settings.

Step 4: Set Up Your Media Library
Add your media files to the UMS Library by telling UMS which folders store your media. UMS will scan these folders and manage your media so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Universal Media Server 13.10.1 PC Software

Step 5: Connect Your Devices

Also, make sure your UMS server and media streaming devices (Smart TV, game console, etc.) are all on the same network; this should allow UMS to find these devices and your media library to become available for streaming.

Step 6: Start Streaming

Browse and play media files using the UMS web interface or with the native media player on your device. Enjoy always-on real-time transcoding for seamless streaming with high-quality playback.

System Requirements

Make sure you have the following, at best, for good performance:

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.10 or later, or a recent Linux distribution

Processor: 2 Dual-Core CPU

Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage: 200 MB free disk space for installation

Network: Connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Recommended Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10, macOS 11 or the latest Linux distribution

Processor: Quad-core CPU

Memory: 4 GB RAM or more

Storage: 500 MB of free disk space for installation plus extra space for media files

Network: Enabling Gigabit Ethernet to stream at the best performance

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